Home Improvement On A Budget

Home improvements not only make your home more enjoyable to live in, but they will add value to your home when it comes time to sell. Although there are plenty of improvements that can run your pocketbook dry, there are also plenty you can do on a smaller budget.

For budget home improvements, consider:

1. Lighting – Lighting can give your home a new appeal by brightening spaces, adding ambiance, and make your home more welcoming outside.

Indoor Lighting – Inside the home, add overhead lighting in the kitchen to brighten the room and give it more functionality. Under cupboard lighting gives functionality where you need it for countertop workspace. Bedroom lighting can be upgraded to a brighter overhead light for practical use with small tableside lamps for softer lighting needs. Bathroom lighting can be overhauled with softer lights around the mirror where you apply make-up, while a bright overhead shower light can brighten a dark space for better vision with delicate tasks like shaving.

Outdoor Lighting – Outdoor lighting makes your home appealing and welcoming, giving appeal. Line your sidewalks with outdoor, in-ground lights that lead to the front door. Choose a pair of stylish wall lamps to frame the door and give you ample light for entering.

2. Windows – Purchasing energy efficient windows can not only lower energy costs but also enhance the look of a home if done properly. To save money and buy local, you should be able to find a window replacement company in your area with a quick internet search. A local window contractor can not only provide better consultation on the type of windows needed but also help with the installation if the replacement project is outside your comfort zone.

3. Landscape – Landscaping makes a big statement. Dead, or unattractive foliage and shrubbery detract from the home. You can beautify your home without breaking the bank by shopping at discount lawn and garden shops or local nurseries. Use a mix of greenery with colorful plants and flowers to add curbside appeal.

4. Chair Rails and Crown Molding – Both are desirable features by homebuyers. Depending on the size and shape of the room, either can give your room a more expensive and luxurious look and feel. There are many choices of chair rails and crown molding to choose from, and both are easy to install yourself. Just be sure to follow directions carefully when installing to avoid making your room appear lopsided or uneven.

5. Ceiling Fans – Ceiling fans can create a focal point for each room. Big fans are more energy efficient and can really help to cut your energy bill down. When choosing a fan remember: Big, high quality and stylish. If your room is small or has a low-hanging ceiling; however, too big a fan will detract and overpower the room and defeat the purpose of improving it.