Tips For Hiring A Contractor

Home remodeling is exciting and at the same time can be stressful, and there are projects that are better done by professionals rather than attempting to do it yourself. When hiring contractors for home renovation or repair, consider the following tips:

Get Recommendations

There are two main sources where you can get recommendations, one from your friends and family, the other is from your local building inspector or remodeling contractor organizations. Start with your friends or neighbor that had recent remodeling projects at home. A good contractor should be able to finish the job on time and adhere to the design and building requirements. If you hear someone who fits that description plus some good word on how they even fixed extra problems, contact them for a consult.

The National Association of the Remodeling Industry can give out list of members available in your area for renovation projects. They have strict code of ethics and screening professionals for remodeling projects. This works as an assurance to you that you’re hiring an experienced and well-trained people that have high standards of work quality. Contractors who are members of organizations are more careful and meticulous on their job because they value good feedback and recommendations from their group.

Pick A Specialist

Hiring someone who has extensive experience on a particular type of project can save you money and time. If you’re planning a bathroom renovation, pick someone who has extensive experience in bathroom design and plumbing works. Kitchen renovations will require someone who’s familiar with building standards to ensure that the design and output follows health and safety codes. Take time to screen contractors of their previous works.

Provide A Contract

Costs and payment terms, design drawings, start and finish dates are among the main items that should be stated in the contract. It should also include the brand of the materials, type of tiles, wood and paint. Both of you should agree on completion dates and penalties for any late projects. Nevertheless, you should be prepared to amend this in case of project changes and delay causes that are reasonable. Also, the contract should state that the contractor is responsible in securing permits for the renovation. Do not work with anyone who can’t agree to this and doesn’t have any license or insurance.

Know The Workers

Some contractors work for themselves on projects and some have their own team. General contractors also hire specialists on roofing, plumbing and subcontract professionals. Since new people will be entering your house, it’s a good measure to know who he will be with. You can set guidelines for them when working on your house – work hours, access to specific areas, and schedule for special jobs like electrical or plumbing work where most likely the whole house will be affected.